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May 1, 2019

There’s No Fixing This Mistake – Homemade Wills

Imagine you need a new toilet installed in your bathroom.  You’re not a plumber but plumbers are expensive. You can buy a new toilet suite and all the relevant parts from the local hardware store.  You can find a video online showing you how to do it. You’re handy, good with tools.  It’s easy! Perhaps you succeed.  For now.  Perhaps you think you’ve succeeded but are unaware that water is slowly seeping into the spaces between the walls and the floors. In any event, even if you fail completely, you can always call in a plumber to fix up your […]
January 1, 2019

Wow – you don’t have a Will? What happens if you don’t?

The Public Trustee WA conducted a survey in 2014 which found that only 35 per cent of adults had a current Will and only 19 per cent of families with young children have a Will. There are many reasons why so many people do not have a valid, up-to-date Will. One of these is the perception that “it’s all too hard”. However, if people were aware of what actually happens when you die without a Will, they may well reconsider their decision not to act and ensure their estate planning is in hand. It is important to understand that if […]
November 1, 2018

Migrant Families

There are many reasons why so many people do not have a valid, up-to-date will. One of these is the perception that “it’s all too hard”. Until I became a practitioner in this area, my family was no exception. My immediate family consists of my mother, my father, my sister and, of course, myself. There are lots of things that distinguish us as a unique family but two that are particularly relevant to the subject of this article. We are immigrants. We emigrated from Wales in 1988. We have a large, close-knit family but none of them reside here in […]
October 1, 2018

Reviewing your Will

So often a will is drafted and then left for decades even when direct relationships end. However it is important to review your circumstances and those of your executors and beneficiaries every few years. The following is a checklist of circumstances to keep in mind when reviewing your documents. Even if some of these circumstances apply to you, you may not need to make any changes to your Will. However, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification. It is important to note that, unless stated otherwise in your Will, divorce/marriage does automatically revoke […]
September 1, 2016

Creating a Will for Children with Disabilities

This is my sister Rhianna. She is 37 and has an intellectual disability. Rhianna lives in a group home with four other ladies and a team of carers. She works four days a week in sheltered employment and also receives a disability allowance from Centrelink. 75% of her disability allowance goes to paying her board and lodgings; her small salary just about covers her transport costs and; she is left with a small amount to cover any other living expenses such as medical, dental, entertainment and holidays. Several times a year, Rhianna goes on holiday with a carer and family […]

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